Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 25 of 10 Minute Sets in the Books

A little breakthrough Monday in the saga of the bad hip. I was able to get through 10 minutes of double kettlebell long cycle clean and jerk with 20kg competition bells without pain. I went slow (4 reps per minute) and rested in the hang for approximately 30 seconds of each minute (which was a good grip workout) but got it done. A few weeks ago I still couldn't swing double 12 kg bells without severe hip adductor pain so the situation seems to be turning around.

Last week I stormed through 100 rep set of 12kg long cycle without stopping. This week if I feel up to it I will try for a similar technical result with the 16kg although numbers will likely be in the 70 rep range.

I wonder, are the 10 minute sets having a training effect?


  1. That is impressive!!!

    good that the hips are coming around. Anything different?

  2. I think it is just healing up...the left hip flexor hates explosive extension, so warming up the barbell snatch and clean is key...I just keep stretching, rolling around on my back and doing some glute med band work...seems to be helping. I stopped the regular Z exercises...they were doing nothing except taking time.

  3. I like some of the Z moves. But I'm finding that joint mobility movements, which are similar, are working quite well. I think I might actually have some mobility in my thorasic spine now. Not much, but some.

    Keep up the excellent work!!!