Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jerks Three Ways

The barbell jerk is not done by pressing the barbell up with the arms. It is performed by explosively driving the bar with the legs then immediately lowering the body beneath the bar by explosively rearranging the feet and bending the legs. The arms are used to accelerate the body under the bar as the feet and legs are repositioned and then to fix it (lock it out) overhead.

In order of popularity, here are video examples of the three methods currently used to accomplish lowering the body in the barbell jerk.
Split Jerk, Power Jerk and Squat Jerk.

My training day Friday 1/8, clean pulls from below knee to 140kg and Front Squat to 100kg + kettlebell 10 minute set; a free form H2H workout with 12kg.100 reps each arm 24kg swing to finish.


  1. I noticed Cara looks straight ahead during her squat jerk. That was something I was always taught to do was look straight ahead.

    Then along comes Zhang with his look straight down squat jerk. Crazy.

  2. Erik,
    As an experienced lifter you know everyone is different. One hazard of looking at elite lifters when learning technique is that an individual's idiosyncracies often overshadow the fundamentals correctly performed. If I recall correctly American lifters Peter George and Robin Byrd Goad both snatched looking down. I would never coach a lifter to look down, but if that's what works (and they jerk like Zhang) sometimes you have to leave well enough alone.