Saturday, January 23, 2010

New World Porter/Spinach and Bison Salad

This week delivered two new favorites. The first was Avery Brewery's New World Porter. I've been gradually working my way through the offerings of local Colorado breweries and to date, Avery Brewing Company in Boulder has two of my favorites: their India Pale Ale and this really nice porter. It also has a very clever name.

Last night after coaching went to Walnut Brewery with friends David, Phil and Veronica ... had a salad very similar to the one pictured above. Very Paleo, I think...buffalo and spinach, almonds and a balsamic vinegar. Okay, the gorgonzola crumbles not so much on the program, but not a significant departure. I'm not a fundamentalist anyway. The beers were unimpressive...but you can't have everything I guess.

By the way, I'm down about 2kg bodyweight in two weeks. Not bad.

Last night's and today's kettlebells sets:

12kg x 2 bells long cycle clean and jerk. 10 RPMs. 100 reps in 10 minutes. No rest, or putting the bells down of course, just continuous paced set set. A landmark effortfor me...when I get the 16s up to 100 this way I will be in good shape to move up to 20s.

Today I did 10 minutes of one arm farmer's walks around the Xfit facility with a 24kg kettlebell...about 200 yards a lap and 3 minutes a lap. I switched hands halfway around each lap. Did 3 laps and a little more in the 10 minutes. Traps? I know I have them now.


  1. Great work with the LCCJ! 10 rpm is hard.
    The pictures in this blog make me hungry :-).
    I have visited Boulder, and a brewery up in the mountains. Might have been Coors.

  2. Thanks was light weight but still work. There are many fine breweries here.