Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paleo Coffee

I love coffee. I drink more than I probably should. But, I don't sugar it or cream it or adulterate it in any way. Black please. Hot, cold, espresso shot: all good with me.

So imagine my dismay when I was informed that because coffee is made from a bean it isn't Paleo. Legumes (beans and such) are not part of the Paleo regimen. Screw it, says I. I'm not giving up the coffee.

I finally got around to researching what the coffee bean actually is. Is it really a bean? Confusion can arise over what something actually is and is not due to common names. It gets dicey in the nut, seed, bean and grain areas. While seeds and nuts are allowed on Paleo, legumes are not. For example a peanut is not actually a nut because it comes from the family Fabaceae a subfamily of the legumes Leguminosae. A peanut is legume, so it is not a Paleo approved food.

Coffee, on the other hand is from the genus Coffea and the family Rubiaceae . It turns out that "bean" is a colloquial misnomer for the Coffea "seed" from the coffee plant flower. Rubiaceae is not the same as Leguminosa.

So coffee is not made from a bean/legume after all but from a seed. Paleo worthy, IMO at least. Huzzah!

Drink up shriners.

Last night's 10 minutes of kettlebell fun: 10 minutes of 20kg 1 arm cleans at 3 RPMs, 1 hand switch. Working on that rack position. Beforehand, a few clean pulls at 110kg, a few 3 position power cleans up to 80kg.


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