Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paleo Progress

Energy levels are back up...but no significant weight loss to report...I mean it's only day 9 or so...but some guys at the gym who started Paleo the same time I did are down 10lbs already. That's amazing...and frankly too fast I think.

Maybe it is my nightly glass of beer that is killing my progress?

A little barbell power snatching last night. Then 10 minutes of 16kg one arm jerks at 15 RPMs switching on the minute.


  1. Thoughts on why you're feeling lethargic on this diet? Where are you getting Calcium from if there's no dairy?

  2. Yep, it's the beer. It's hard to give up, I know! But it's pure grains, like eating a donut every night before bed! You're confusing your body with the extra carb spike and it will be harder to learn to burn fat for energy. If you want results, you can't have beer every day.

    There's a whole ph/calcium leaching story - I'll try to find you a reference if you like. The bottom line is that without grains, you need a lot less calcium because you can use what you get (from leafy greens, etc.) more effectively.

  3. Doc Rob
    Things the dairy industry doesn't want you you know.
    Calcium in Milligrams per 100 Calories
    Arugula 1,300
    Watercress 800
    Turnip greens 650
    Collard greens 548
    Mustard greens 490
    Spinach 450
    Broccoli 387
    Swiss cheese 250
    Milk (2-percent)245
    Green onions 240
    Okra 213
    Cabbage 196
    Whole milk 190
    Cheddar cheese 179

    Amy, I figure my beer in as carb blocks...I get 5 block meals and the one 12 oz beer I have at dinner is just over 2 blocks...I woke up this a.m. 2 kilos down, from last week so maybe I was just retaining water.