Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paleo/Zone Diet

I am giving the Paleo/Zone eating plan a go. This is a hybrid of the Zone Diet and The Paleo Diet: Paleo foods in Zone 40/30/30 percentages. With the exception of pizza and beer and Barilla pasta plus I've been pretty close to eating this way for sometime. I've had good luck maintaining my weight with making sure each meal contains protein, fat and carb although in levels somewhat different than Zone. The Paleo food choices basically eliminate grains and dairy so I will definitely be getting more fruit and vegetables. Pizza can be an occasional treat as it should be, however, I'm still going to enjoy my nightly beer. Besides, my favorite brewer these days is Boulder Brewery: how much more Paleo can a name get?

What is and is not Paleo food can be confusing depending on who you read and who you talk to. Meat, vegetables and fruit are clear enough. What is not altogether clear is the grain, legumes, seeds and nuts. Most roots are allowed but not 'taters. Some folks alllow seet 'taters. There is a rule of thumb on the grains, legumes and such that if it has to be cooked to be edible then it isn't paleo. Many grains and legumes can be sprouted and are then perfectly that kills that rationale, but then again nuts are a kind of seed, grains are a kind of seed. I've been told that sesame seeds aren't paleo but then other lists say they are. I'm going with they are: I love tahini.

Here are a couple of links discussing Paleo foods: Food List and counter points.

Last night's kettlebell fun: 10 minutes of double 16kg long cycle, 65 reps total, rest in the hang as needed. Earlier, barbell power snatched up to 65kg for a double.

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