Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's still work, but I own 200 reps in the 16kg snatch with one hand switch in 10 minutes. Did it again last night. I may have to start pushing the envelope soon by increasing reps and increasing endurance before the switch. Maybe drop back down to he 12s and work up to10 minutes each arm before switch. Might not be a bad idea to have 6-7 minutes per arm capacity for competition when you only need 5.

I think the variety of weights and exercises and working well within my capacity with the occasional uncomfortable push is paying dividends. Given a rep count of 160 reps in the snatch, a light day is with the 12s, a medium day is with the 16s and a heavy day (for me for now) is with the 20s. Kind of like managing intensity with weightlifting. Kettlebells can be tricky because due to the fixed weight, volume is one way Russian coaches measure training intensity. The number of reps per set as a percentage of the maximum number of reps you can do is the intensity. If you can do 100 reps, a 50% set would be 50 reps.

I'm not managing intensity that closely, but I am working (albeit by feel) to make light and medium days the majority of my work load. Since I'm putting in 10 minutes a day as the basic training scheme, I have a choice each day of exercise, weight and rep range depending on what I feel I can do for the entire 10 minutes. Kind of random, but I'll crunch it all at the end of the month and see what I end up with.

Simple. 10 minutes a day of kettlebell something without putting the bell down.  P90X look out.


  1. Hi, If I got you right, you only train 10 min (warm up &stretcinh excluded)? Do you do it 7 days a week? Since I have a tight schedule, I train 13-18 min 1-4 times a week both w.r.t ballistic and grinding exercises.I hope these short sessions are beneficial as compared to longer sessions.
    / David

  2. NAH_76
    My goal is a "10 minute set of something not setting the bells down" everyday for the whole year. I also practice the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk + squats and pulls) a few days a week. The kettlebell set then is a finisher for the workout.